The Future of Human Connection

The Future of Human Connection

The future of human connection is evolving! No longer are we in the age of dial up, Live real time streaming has taken over and is getting faster and faster every year. The realm of teleportation will be upon us.

Computers in the 60's were as big as houses, used punch cards, and required a college degree to operate! TODAY more 3 year olds use tablets with more processing speed then was on the Lunar Lander!

We are in the information revolution! Technology has put the power of information in our hands and even more, wirelessly. We can now speak our request to a voice generated program and get a response. If you are an iPhone user then you may know what I'm talking about. Siri has made the iphone easy to use at any age! I don't know about you but I get excited when my devices can talk to me. This is the direction we are heading in. For Example: OnStar, VRU “Voice Response Unit”, & Text to speech device have paved the way.

What if you could speak all your request. Or even better, Think your commands. WoW! “Example: I think of a song that keeps playing in my head & up pops Pandora on my phone playing that song” At the same time we must remember that this is a scary time to be in! The internet has taken away that one thing called privacy. Unless you are a very tech savvy, you have no privacy. If you accept that now then you will understand that the internet is written in ink and there is no white out. My suggestion to you is, if you are doing things on the internet that you don't want the public to know then don't put it on the net. Paris Hilton proved that theory!

This brings us to the Social Media Revolution! A form of human connection we would have thought to never be possible 20 years ago.

What is the greatest computer there is?


The Human Mind

It is our mind. Every second your mind takes in 72 Gigabytes of information. 86 Billion Neurons evolve to understand and translate our vision of the world around us. Everybody that you have met, are memories, Stories, & experiences charged with emotion. Your happiness, Sadness, fears, Joys, loves and loves lost make us unique & unite us through our similarities. Your memories are your life! We as humans have a unique desire to share what makes us human! This comes from our sense of self and who we really are. Sharing is a creative form of expression. It's our caricature, Our personality & our emotion that we see through the screen.

Throughout History there have been different forms of expressive sharing. The Cave Men, Egyptian, & Native Americans, have shown us there way for saying we were here. Now in the age of the social media revolution we are expressing it digitally. We do it to build on what we know and to share it for future generations. It's what helps human evolution.

Social Media & Technology have changed the way we share. Now we share through the internet, We Share Our friends, favorite youtube video, our location, and even intimate photos of special times in our lives. Every time we share we are reflecting our personalities, ourselves! This leads us to a new and innovative change in human connection. The Social Media revolution is around the corner.

Imagine The Future

I truly believe we are at the forefront of the Social Media Revolution where the internet is you. A place of pure emotion & Genuine connection. Our experiences magnified a hundred times, A place where we find love, Friends, Family and True feeling!

We have unlocked the WORLD, the future we create will have no boundaries of language. Imagine what we have achieved thus far. The next generation of social media is coming. Remember that you were here and create the internet of you! Because tomorrow is the future that we all share.

~ Josh Carpenter

Video Edited by Josh Carpenter

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