Robots Are Here To Stay

Johnny 5

Does Anybody Remember The Lovable Johnny 5?

Back in 1986 Robots were considered a thing of fiction; now they are becoming an everyday part of our life & interactions with humanity. How could we forget the 1986 Film Short Circuit! The lovable Johnny 5, & his inventors Newton Graham Crosby, and Ben Jabituya; show Johnny how to adapt to a modern day civilization.

Johnny Learns by absorbing human culture and takes in as much information as he can to adapt himself to human society. So he starts with experiencing different types of people by cruising the city trying to fit in.

So what does this mean for humanity! There are many who speculate but it is Humanity that will ultimately decide. I can say that as the technology culture grows and expands, more people are slowly adapting.

First Mac

Let's travel back through time, back to January 24th, 1984 when the first Macintosh hit the consumer market. People were not sure what they could fully do with it but they thought it was cool and found a use for it that fit's into their everyday lives. Some started with the word processor while others used it to track weather data. As time moved forward and it shaped into the tool that we all can't live without.

Mobile Connection

Our mobile devices have become an everyday use. Chances are you have a minimum of 5 apps that you use everyday. Some of these apps play important rolls in our lives. For

instance Health Apps, GPS, Communication, or even something as simple as flipping a digital coin! We all use them. But if we were to travel back to 1984 we would have never guess that it would revolutionize our society in ways never imagined at the time! Well that is unless you were Steve Jobs!

Now fast forward back to the present day and take a look at how humanity is interacting with robots. Children are fascinated, Virtual Reality has integrated

with Robotics, & Autonomous Robots are assisting in hospitals.

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